About Zooza

We started Zooza with the goal of making it easier to enter shows and events with your dogs. You've probably experienced the hassle of entering a dog show and found out how much time it takes to complete the paperwork, find registration certificates, and chase down sire and dam information. As long-term owners of dogs ourselves, we had the same trouble!

Zooza is the one place you need to keep all the information about your dogs so that it's available anytime, anywhere, and to anyone you chose. We get rid of the hassles and fuss by using what is called "cloud computing" to store and manage your dog's data. Put it into Zooza once, and then we'll make it easy to use the next time you need it.

Meet the Team

The Zooza team is comprised of experienced dog club and event leaders, seasoned technologists, and avid animal lovers.

  • AJ Brown AJ is a seasoned technology executive with more than thirty years of experience in the software industry. AJ has been a software engineer for large-scale database management systems while working for Hewlett-Packard and has specialized in the ergonomic design of user interfaces. He's been the primary developer of the Zooza application, which has been architected as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), multi-tenanted solution on Linux.
  • John M. Shanebrook John provides expertise in the area of dog event and club management with more than a decade of experience in the pet industry. He has previously organized and participated at several canine events, worked on the expansion of a pet supplies retail store, developed a distributor channel for canine supplement products, and run a small kennel operation. John is responsible for Zooza’s early and sustained success with beta customers and continues to oversee business development activities.