Olympia WA
Friday August 2, 2019 and Saturday August 3, 2019
Hosting Club & Judge:
Pacific NW Rottweiler Club
Bogdan Sergo - FCI, SV
Primary Contact:
Michael Burns
(360) 338-0210
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Animal Registration:
Online registration for animal events closes on Friday July 26, 2019 at 11:59 PM Los Angeles (America) time.
There is no Event Premium available for download.
Accepted Breeds:
All breeds
Information about animals registered for this event will be kept private until the day after the event.

ARV - BH Trial Hosted by Pacific NW Rottweiler Klub

BH Trial Hosted by PNRK
About This Event
This event will be a ARV Sanctioned event with BH test open to all breeds and using FCI IGP rules on Friday., BSE, ZTP & Korung will be Saturday for Rottweilers Only
Online entry closes in about 6 days
Activities at This Event
Activities for Animals (All activites are $150.00)
The following activities for animals are being offered at this event: Working Events (BH).
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