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The Dog Union

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The name of the Club is “THE DOG UNION” (Dog Union or DU)


The aims and objectives of the Dog Union are:

                   to promote the health and welfare of all dogs 

                   to promote education for its members and the general public

                   to work together with the Kennel Club to promote the interests of dogs

                   to work together with other like-minded organisations in any aspect of the dog world

The Dog Union has particular interests in Puppy Buying Awareness, Dog Theft and Health and Welfare


The Dog Union is open to anyone that has an interest in dogs and their welfare with particular interest in responsible buying of puppies, prevention of dog theft either through education or lobbying for tougher penalties to deter pet theft and an interest in their health and welfare whether pedigree dogs ordogs in general.


i.The Committee will approve applications made on a Dog Union application form.

ii.Members may terminate membership of the Dog Union by giving 7 days’ notice in writing. 

iii.Membership is not transferable


i.The General Committee shall decide annual subscriptions annually. 

ii.Annual subscriptions will be due annually. Members whose subscription is not received by 30 days after the due date will be deemed to have relinquished his/her membership.


The Dog Union will be managed by the Management Committee and will have responsibility for the business of the Dog Union including, but not limited to, adopting new policy, codes of practice, rules and all disciplinary matters.

i.The Officers are The Chairman, The Secretary, The Treasurer. 

ii.The Management Committee consists of the Officers and Membership Secretary, Business Manager, Education Manager and Social Secretary.

iii.Management Committee meetings, by notification of the Secretary, will be held no less than 6 times a year. A quorum for approval of business will be 50% of the Management Committee.

iv.The Management Committee may appoint Sub-Committees or Advisors as and when deemed necessary. Any such appointees will not have voting rights at Management Committee meetings.

v.All Officers and Committee members will be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting. All nominees will provide an election address.

vi.The Management Committee may amend, or make such reasonable and proper rules, bylaws or policies, as they deem necessary or expedient, provided;

a.the situation does not allow for 30 days notice of a General Meeting;
b.the amended or new rule is advertised on the site forum and website;
c.Notice of a General Meeting, for the purpose of approving amendments and proposals, is given within 20 days of being advertised.


i.The Treasurer will maintain a bank account(s) in the name of the Dog Union.

ii.The financial year will run from 1 January to 31st December. The Treasurer will be responsible for producing audited accounts for each preceding year.
iii.An Officer and a member of the Management Committee must confirm any financial transactions not previously approved by the Management Committee.

iv.Signing authorities for bank accounts will be the Treasurer, a director, (if the Treasurer is a Director then another Director will be nominated), and one other member of the Management Committee.

v.In the event of the Dog Union winding up or ceasing to exist the assets and property shall be sold and all monies will be placed in trust or gifted to the Animal Health Trust, or similar organisation, for the purposes of assessment, development of tests, investigation or treatment of diseases in dogs. Proposals for dispersal of monies to be agreed by members at a meeting for that purpose.


i.A general meeting may be called by the Management Committee or by a request, in writing, signed by 15% of the membership and must include the proposal(s) to be put to the meeting.

ii.Notice of a General Meeting will be given no later than 30 days before the date of the meeting.

iii. If the Chairman is not present within 10 minutes of the start of a meeting the membership will appoint a Chairman as the first business of the meeting.

iv.A quorum for all General Meetings will be 15% of the membership. If no quorum is present within 30 minutes of the start of the meeting a Chairman of the meeting will be appointed for the purposes of adjourning the meeting.

v.The Chairman can adjourn meetings for the following reasons:

a.No quorum present for the meeting.
b.By direction of the membership at the meeting
c.For reasons of Safety and/or the meeting has become unruly.

vi.If the adjourned meeting is to reconvene more than 14 days later, a minimum of 7 days notice of date and venue will be given. No business other than what would have been done at the adjourned meeting is allowed.

vii.The Chairman may allow non-members to attend and speak at General Meetings

viii.A member is deemed to be attending a meeting if they are able to speak to the meeting, including in writing, or by proxy.


i.All current members are entitled to vote.

ii.All voting will be by a show of hands except in the following circumstances:

a)When the agenda specifies a ballot vote.
b)By decision of the Chairman.
c)When 2 or more voters request a ballot
d)A request by 1 person representing 10% of voters.

iii.Notice of proxy votes are valid with the following provisos:

a)The notice contains the name and address of the nominated member.
b)The notice will identify the nominating member and specify the meeting(s) to which the proxy pertains.
c)The parties to the proxy must sign the notice.
d)Notice of proxy must be delivered in accordance with the communication policy.
e)Notice of proxy can only be effected if delivered before the start of the meeting.


i.Annual General Meetings will be held between 1st January and 31st March for the purposes of:

a)Approving the previous years accounts.
b)Election of the General Committee.
c)Election of the Communications Team.
d)Delivery and approval of Annual Reports by the Officers and any other reports notified on the Agenda.
e)Consideration of matters of business notified on the agenda.

ii.Notice of Annual General Meeting will be given not less than 60 days prior to the Annual General Meeting.

iii.The Secretary should receive agenda items, proposed by a member, no later than 30 days prior to the Annual General Meeting.

iv.The agenda will be received no later than 14 days prior to the date of the Annual General Meeting.

v.Amendments to resolutions must be notified in writing not less than 48 hours prior to the meeting. Only amendments of a non-substantive nature will be accepted at the meeting.


i.For official purposes all written forms of communication are acceptable.

ii.A Communications Team will manage the Website and Forum.

iii.All Policy and Procedure notifications and documentation will be posted in the Forum and will be deemed to form part of the Rules and Regulations of the Dog Union.

iv.New or amended Policies or Regulations will be posted for ballot and, if successful, will take effect immediately.

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