Manitowoc County Kennel Club
Manitowoc, WI
United States

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Paul Chetcuti
920 544 2905
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Manitowoc County Kennel Club

The Manitowoc County Kennel Club (MCKC) is a non-profit organization founded in 1921 and is a member club of the American Kennel Club (AKC) dedicated to promoting the sport and breeding of purebred dogs. As a club, we strive, at all times, to show good sportsmanship and keep in mind that the good of the breed comes before any personal benefits.

MCKC is the only club in the United States which offers all three facets of the AKC dog world, i.e., Obedience, Conformation, and Field.  We also offer Agility and... more >>

Membership Options
Junior, $25.00 paid yearly
Single, $45.00 paid yearly
Single - Field, $100.00 paid yearly
Single - Pro Field, $195.00 paid yearly
Family, $65.00 paid yearly
Family - Field, $115.00 paid yearly
Family - Pro Field, $215.00 paid yearly
Lifetime, free
Lifetime - Field, $55.00 paid yearly
Lifetime - Pro Field, $150.00 paid yearly
Lifetime Family, free
Lifetime Family - Field, $55.00 paid yearly
Lifetime Family - Pro Field, $150.00 paid yearly
Junior - Field, $75.00 paid yearly
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