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134 Misty Lakes
Monticello Florida
Saturday March 20, 2021 and Sunday March 21, 2021
Hosting Club & Judge:
North Florida Rottweiler Klub
Olga Grin and John Bernard
Primary Contact:
Quinn Brumfield
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Animal Registration:
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Accepted Breeds:
Rottweiler, Rottweiler, Rottweiler
Information about animals registered for this event will be kept private until the day after the event.

URKA Inc Breed Show, Southeast Regional Sieger Show, and Standard Evaluation (SE)

Two Spectacular Shows in One Sunny Florida Weekend!!!!
About This Event

Welcome to the URKA Inc Breed Show and Southeast Regional Sieger Show

URKA Inc Breed Show - March 20, 2021

URKA Inc Southeast Regional Sieger Show - March 21, 2021

URKA Inc Standard Evaluation - Limited to 8 Evaluations per Day. 

Both judges will judge both days (See premium schedule for specific days of judging)

We are pleased to have as our Judges: 
Olga Grin - FCI Russia conformation and breed standard evaluations.

John Bernard - URKA USA conformation and breed standard evaluations

All Rottweilers; Tailed and Docked are Welcome to Enter and Compete!

The show location at Misty Lakes Rottweilers in Monitcello, Florida is a wonderful, large open, flat field, restrooms, and ample parking on the outskirts of Tallahassee! 

Please be sure to upload all required documents and/or certificates required for class entry in the Champion, Working class, and SE  to your dogs Zooza profile for all entries in these classes including, but not limited to:

Championship (AKC, CKC and/or FCI only), USRC National, Regional or Universal Seiger/in titles, Scorebook for proof of working titles, Certificate for Standard Evaluation (SE), Proof of Hip Certification (pass or fail) from OFA, ADRK or FCI. Please Note: documents must be uploaded to the "Show and Event Docs" section for each dog. Please Do Not upload under Medical Records, as only you can see that folder! Thank you!

Please Note: All dogs entering standard evalutions must have a hip and elbow rating or number from OFA, ADRK or an FCI member kennel club. 

For Standard Evaluations: Please be sure to enter your dogs hip/elbow, JLPP rating in their Zooza profile, and also upload a copy of the hip/elbow, JLPP Certification on Zooza as well.  Also bring a certified weight from your vet that is recorded within 20 days of the show.  

For more detailed information, please see the show Premium. Feel free to contact us with any questions!

We look forward to seeing you in March!

Visit our Face Book Page for updates:  

Online entry closes in less than 24 hours at 11:59 PM New York (America) time
Activities at This Event
Activities for Animals (Activity fees range from $50.00 to $75.00)
The following activities for animals are being offered at this event: Conformation Show (Saturday Puppy Class (4-6 mo.), Saturday Puppy Class (6-9 mo.), Saturday Youth Class I (9-15 mo.), Saturday Youth Class II (12-18 mo.), Saturday Intermediate... more >>
Things for Purchase as Part of This Event
Judges Dinner 1750 Wanish Way (Howard Hall) Florida A&M Tallahassee, Florida 32307

$10.00 - $35.00

North Florida Rottweiler Klub T-Shirt (Pre-sold Only)


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