Save Time and Reduce Your Stress with Zooza Event Management

Work collaboratively with exhibitors by letting them enter and pay for events online using Zooza Event Management software.

Track animal profiles using Zooza

There are a lot of details to setting up and managing registrations for a dog show or event. From preparing the event premium and schedule to building the event catalog, your time as an Event Organizer is spread way too thin. Making matters worse, exhibitors like to wait until the last moment to enter, entry forms can be difficult to read, and entry errors can mean a lot of back-and-forth work and stress.

Built by people who have suffered through the manual process of hosting events and processing all that paperwork, Zooza Event Management is a real time saver that takes the stress out of the registration process. Let's face it: processing paper-based forms is a hassle that simply is unnecessary in this day and age.

Zooza harnesses the power of the collaborative workflow and "cloud computing" so exhibitors can enter your events online instead of mailing their entries or sending you a fax. Everything is automatically stored in a secure database that you can access around the clock, making it quick and easy to produce financial reports, event check-in rosters, and even your event catalog... all at the click of a mouse!