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Event Management Made Easy

Zooza brings event management online and empowers clubs and event organizers. Save time and stop stressing when you manage your events with Zooza.

  • Custom Event Landing & Marketing Pages

  • eCommerce to Sell Catalogs, Products, & Sponsorships

  • Automatically Build Event Catalog & Critique Certificates

  • Exportable Financial Summary & Event Roster Reporting

  • Stripe Payments Deposited Directly to Your Account

  • Email Marketing to Thousands of Pet Owners Worldwide

Dog Clubs

Save time and hassle by using Zooza to collect club dues, host events, and reconcile it all to make sense.

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Event Organizers

Work collaboratively with exhibitors by letting them enter and pay for events online using Zooza Event Management software.

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“I've done a little "playing around" with the info collected via Zooza, and I have to say it is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! It collects stats in every way imaginable. I actually had miscounted some events and started to look it up in Zooza, and everything is right there. The financial component is INVALUABLE, so much so that I can see real advantages of making people pay for EVERYTHING this way in the future.”

- Bonnie Guzman, United Doberman Club

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