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Sat Jun 04, 2022 - Sun Jun 05, 2022

Route 66 Rottweiler Klub 2022 Spring Sieger Shows

Hosted by:

Michael Stalter Michael Stalter

Rottweiler, Rottweiler, Rottweiler

825 N Hazel St

PONTIAC, IL United States

Michael D Stalter



Online Deadline: May 22, 2022 - 11:59 PM

The Route 66 Rottweiler Klub Sieger Shows are open to Rottweilers only and are judged according to the Federation Cynologique Internationals (FCI), International Standard for Rottweilers. The Route 66 Rottweiler Klub is a private non for profit dog club registered with the State of Illinois. Dogs not entered in the show cannot be brought into or onto the show grounds.

For the Gebrauchshunde Class, only FCI recognized IPO/IGP titles from FCI recognized organizations will be accepted.

Dogs brought to the show must provide proof of proper vaccination; this is required by Illinois law. Dogs that seem to be unhealthy or have an unhealthy appearance will not be allowed to be shown and must leave the show grounds.

Participants are responsible for preventing their dog from coming into contact with other dogs. Dog that are not under control and on a leash at all times will be dismissed from the show and must leave the show grounds.

The use of bite sleeves or equipment used for protection training is not allowed.

These rules are for the safety of every person and Rottweiler and they are not negotiable and will be strictly enforced.

Route 66 Rottweiler Club’s rules on behavior.

Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated. Anyone acting in an unsportsmanlike manner will be removed from the show grounds.

Unsportsmanlike conduct includes but is not limited to the following.

1. Physical contact of an insulting or provoking nature.

2. Inappropriate, abusive or foul language directed at any person.

3. Failure to properly control a dog at an event.

4. Disruptive behavior at an event.

5. Public criticism of the judge, show secretary, ring steward, or show chairman.

6. Refusal or throwing down of a ribbon or trophy.

7. Failure to follow instructions from the judge, show secretary, ring steward, or show chairman.

8. Any form of physical, verbal, or written harassment towards anyone at the Sieger Show.

These rules are for the safety and security of everyone and every Rottweiler at the Sieger Show, including everyone entered and everyone on the show grounds. These are also do to the Route 66 Rottweiler Club’s insurance carrier policy covering this event.


The following activities are being offered at this event:

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Deadline: 1 year ago.

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